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Take your terraforming endeavors to new heights with Terraforming Mars: Prelude! This expansion is the perfect addition to the base game, offering a thrilling boost to your initial steps in transforming the Red Planet. With an array of new Prelude cards, you’ll have the opportunity to make strategic choices that will shape the course of your corporation and the future of Mars. Enhance your gameplay with five fresh corporations and seven project cards that align thematically with the early stages of terraforming. Even if you choose not to use the Prelude cards, these additions seamlessly integrate with other Terraforming Mars expansions or variants. Are you ready to embark on an epic space adventure?



Elevate Your Game with Terraforming Mars: Prelude Expansion

Beginning a New Chapter in Space Exploration

Embark on an exhilarating journey through space and time with Terraforming Mars: Prelude! This expansion is specifically designed to give your initial terraforming endeavors a significant boost, setting the stage for your greatest achievements on the Red Planet. Whether you’re a seasoned space explorer or a newcomer to the game, Prelude will breathe new life into your Terraforming Mars experience.

Jumpstarting Your Terraforming Mission

At the beginning of the game, each player will have the exciting opportunity to choose from a selection of Prelude cards. These powerful cards jumpstart the terraforming process, allowing you to gain immediate advantages and set the trajectory for your corporation’s success. Will you focus on accelerating the terraforming efforts or building a robust engine for your corporation? The choice is yours, and the consequences will shape the future of your mission.

New Corporations and Project Cards

But that’s not all! Prelude introduces five new corporations, each with its unique abilities and strategies. These corporations align thematically with the early stages of terraforming, providing you with diverse options to explore as you compete with other players to become the dominant force on Mars. Additionally, seven new project cards are included, perfectly tailored to fit the narrative of transforming a barren planet into a thriving ecosystem.

Solo Adventures and Multiplayer Enhancements

Not only does Terraforming Mars: Prelude offer an enhanced multiplayer experience, but it also introduces a new solo mode for those seeking solitary adventures. In this mode, your goal is to achieve a terraforming rating of 63 TR before time runs out. Can you strategize effectively and race against the clock to secure victory?

Compatibility and Versatility

The best part? Terraforming Mars: Prelude is fully compatible with any other Terraforming Mars expansions or variants you may own. Expand your gaming possibilities and combine different modules to create a truly immersive and dynamic experience.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Boost your initial terraforming efforts with powerful Prelude cards.
  2. Expand your gameplay with five new thematic corporations and seven project cards.
  3. Enjoy the flexibility to integrate Prelude with other Terraforming Mars expansions or variants.
  4. Engage in thrilling multiplayer sessions or challenge yourself with the new solo mode.
  5. Experience an immersive and strategic space adventure that will keep you coming back for more.

Conclusion: A Galactic Adventure Awaits

So, gather your friends, or embark on a solo odyssey, and get ready to transform the face of Mars. Terraforming Mars: Prelude is your ticket to an exhilarating space adventure filled with strategic choices, intense competition, and endless possibilities. Unleash your inner explorer and conquer the Red Planet like never before!

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