The Manhattan Project: Second Stage


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Elevate your board game sessions with “The Manhattan Project: Second Stage” expansion. This thrilling expansion pack includes four small expansions that can be integrated into the base game. Unleash the power of Nations, delve into Rocket Technology, unlock the potential of H-Bomb Technology, and experience the influence of real-world personalities. Whether you prefer economic strategies, manufacturing prowess, negotiation skills, or a touch of espionage, this expansion offers it all. Ignite your imagination and dominate the board with new gameplay mechanics and endless strategic possibilities.

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Upgrade Your Board Game Nights with “The Manhattan Project: Second Stage” Expansion!

Elevate your gaming experience to unprecedented levels with “The Manhattan Project: Second Stage” expansion. This game-changing addition brings not one, but four small expansions to your table, enriching the base game with new layers of strategy, interaction, and historical intrigue.

Nations Expansion: Diplomacy and Power

Dive into the world of international politics with the Nations expansion. By integrating this module, each player receives a unique country card, bestowing them with special powers that reflect their nation’s capabilities during the era. With a selection of seven diverse countries, this expansion offers a myriad of strategic possibilities, encouraging players to adapt their strategies and leverage their nation’s strengths to gain an advantage.

Rocket Technology: Unleash Explosive Strategies

The Rocket Technology expansion introduces a new dynamic to your arsenal. By building a rocket factory, players unlock the Design Bomb action, allowing rockets to be deployed as powerful bombers. These rockets bypass traditional defenses, creating new strategic opportunities and challenges on the board. Mastery of this technology can decisively impact the course of the game, making it a critical element for victory.

H-Bomb Technology: A New Era of Destruction

Prepare for a dramatic shift in gameplay with the H-Bomb Technology expansion. This addition amplifies the Design Bomb action, enabling players to develop H-Bombs, the era’s most devastating weapons. To construct these formidable bombs, players must secure Lithium Deuteride, introducing new strategic resources akin to Mines. The introduction of H-Bombs significantly alters the power dynamics, compelling players to reconsider their strategies in the race for supremacy.

Personalities Expansion: Historical Figures and Influence

The Personalities expansion adds a layer of historical depth and unpredictability. It features seven real-world figures who played significant roles in the Manhattan Project. Each worker retrieval phase offers the chance to adopt a new role, providing persistent benefits that can influence the game’s direction. These historical personalities add a rich narrative element, allowing players to engage with the game on a deeper level.

A Multifaceted Gaming Experience

“The Manhattan Project: Second Stage” expansion not only enriches the base game but also transforms it into a multifaceted experience where diplomacy, technological advancement, and historical figures play pivotal roles. Players are invited to navigate the intricate landscape of WWII with a blend of economic strategy, manufacturing prowess, and negotiation tactics. The expansion leverages open drafting, variable player powers, and worker placement mechanics, offering a unique path to victory for each player.

Embrace the New Challenges

Don’t let this opportunity to redefine your board game nights pass you by. “The Manhattan Project: Second Stage” expansion is a testament to strategic genius, offering new ways to outwit your opponents and emerge victorious. Whether you’re strategizing to deploy rockets, racing to develop H-Bombs, leveraging the unique powers of nations, or utilizing the expertise of historical figures, this expansion promises a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. Upgrade your game with “The Manhattan Project: Second Stage” today and witness the evolution of your strategic endeavors!


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