The Manhattan Project: Second Stage


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Elevate your board game sessions with “The Manhattan Project: Second Stage” expansion. This thrilling expansion pack includes four small expansions that can be integrated into the base game. Unleash the power of Nations, delve into Rocket Technology, unlock the potential of H-Bomb Technology, and experience the influence of real-world personalities. Whether you prefer economic strategies, manufacturing prowess, negotiation skills, or a touch of espionage, this expansion offers it all. Ignite your imagination and dominate the board with new gameplay mechanics and endless strategic possibilities.

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Upgrade Your Board Game Experience with “The Manhattan Project: Second Stage” Expansion!

Upgrade your gaming experience and take your board game nights to new heights with “The Manhattan Project: Second Stage” expansion! This captivating expansion pack introduces four small expansions that can be seamlessly integrated into the base game, offering a fresh and exhilarating twist to your gameplay.

First, immerse yourself in the world of international politics and diplomacy with the Nations expansion. Each player gains a country card, granting them a unique special power. With seven new countries to choose from, you’ll experience a thrilling array of abilities that can turn the tide of the game.

Next, explore the wonders of Rocket Technology. Unleash the power of the Design Bomb action by constructing a rocket factory. Rockets function just like bombers, providing an unstoppable force that fighters cannot defend against. Strategize your moves wisely and witness the explosive impact on the game board.

Prepare for the ultimate upgrade with H-Bomb Technology. This expansion enhances the Design Bomb action, allowing you to return a bomb to the bottom of the deck and acquire an H-Bomb card. To harness the true potential of these devastating weapons, you’ll need Lithium Deuteride, which can be obtained through new cards that operate similarly to Mines. Watch as your opponents tremble in the face of your nuclear might!

But the excitement doesn’t end there. The Personalities expansion adds a thrilling element of unpredictability by introducing seven real-world individuals who played a pivotal role in the Manhattan Project. Each time you retrieve your workers, you’ll have the opportunity to select a different role, granting you persistent benefits until your next retrieval. Harness the expertise of these historical figures and shape the outcome of the game in your favor.

With “The Manhattan Project: Second Stage” expansion, the possibilities are endless. Dive into the world of economic strategies, manufacturing prowess, negotiation tactics, and secret agents. Create your own path to victory as you navigate the complex landscape of World War II, utilizing open drafting, variable player powers, and worker placement mechanics.

Don’t miss out on this incredible expansion that breathes new life into your base game. Unleash your strategic genius, outwit your opponents, and claim victory in the race to build the ultimate arsenal. Upgrade your board game nights with “The Manhattan Project: Second Stage” expansion today!

1. Experience four exciting small expansions in one pack.
2. Unleash the power of Nations and conquer the board.
3. Build rocket factories and dominate with Rocket Technology.
4. Harness the might of H-Bombs and watch your opponents crumble.
5. Embrace the unpredictability of real-world Personalities and gain an edge.


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