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Unleash the power of fantasy in Carcassonne with “The Princess & The Dragon” expansion! Join brave heroes, face a menacing dragon, and utilize the aid of fairies to conquer the realm. With 30 new tiles, magical creatures, and exciting gameplay mechanics, this expansion breathes new life into the classic board game. Embark on epic adventures, outwit your opponents, and immerse yourself in a world of strategy and fantasy!



Immerse Yourself in a Realm of Fantasy with Carcassonne: The Princess & The Dragon Expansion

If you’re a fan of the iconic board game Carcassonne, then it’s time to elevate your gameplay. The The Princess & The Dragon expansion opens up a new world of possibilities, plunging you straight into a realm of fantasy, strategy, and endless fun.

Dive Deeper into The Princess & The Dragon Expansion

What sets The Princess & The Dragon expansion apart are the 30 meticulously designed new tiles, featuring mythical creatures like dragons, helpful fairies, and brave knights. These tiles aren’t just decorative; they revolutionise the game, introducing a new layer of depth and excitement. The artwork is the creation of renowned artists such as Doris Matthäus, adding a touch of visual splendour to your Carcassonne game.

Why This Expansion is a Game-Changer

But it’s not just the visuals that are compelling. The expansion brings tangible gameplay benefits too. The wooden dragon and fairy pieces offer a tactile dimension to the game, making your strategic moves even more engaging. You can now protect your followers with fairies, construct secret passages to outmaneuver the dragon, and join knights on daring quests. With these elements, you don’t just play—you live the game.

Key Benefits: Your Next Step in Carcassonne Adventure

  1. A New Realm of Fantasy: Enter a world where mythical creatures roam, and magic is in the air.
  2. Enhanced Strategy: New gameplay elements not only make the game visually appealing but also inject fresh strategic depth.
  3. Tactile Experience: The wooden pieces for dragons and fairies bring your Carcassonne game to life, touching all your senses.
  4. Universal Appeal: With a complexity rating that appeals to both newcomers and Carcassonne veterans, The Princess & The Dragon is perfect for all players.
  5. Expand Your Carcassonne Universe: If you think you’ve seen it all in Carcassonne, this expansion will make you think again. Add it to your collection and enrich your gaming sessions.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Transform Your Carcassonne Experience

So why settle for the ordinary when you can have an extraordinary gaming experience? The Princess & The Dragon expansion for Carcassonne is available now. Don’t miss out on this next-level adventure. Grab your copy today and reign supreme in the realm of Carcassonne!


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