Time Stories: Madame Expansion


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Embark on captivating adventures with T.I.M.E. Stories: Madame Expansion. Solve puzzles, alter history, and experience rich storytelling!



Dive into a Time-Twisting Quest with TIME Stories: Madame Expansion!

Heads up, adventurers! Are you hankering for a dash of 17th-century grandeur mixed with modern strategy? If so, you need to get acquainted with TIME Stories: Madame Expansion. This isn’t merely a game—it’s a full-blown odyssey into the past that hinges on your choices.

So, what’s on offer? Well, you’re about to become an elite agent for the T.I.M.E. Agency. Your mission? An adrenaline-charged escapade into the opulent courts of Versailles. The aim? To solve mysteries, mingle with aristocrats, and ultimately shift the course of history.

Consider the thrills that await:

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Dive Deep into Story: Engage with intricate, never-before-seen storylines that set this TIME Stories expansion apart.
  2. Tackle Puzzles: Master complex riddles and make choices that boggle the mind yet can change history.
  3. Play God: Reshape events, influence people, and make history sway to your whims.
  4. Team Spirit: Enjoy a rip-roaring adventure with 2 to 4 players, wrapping up in just about 90 minutes.
  5. Expand Your Universe: Add this to your TIME Stories library for an endless string of new worlds and challenges.

Ready for the plunge? It’s about 90 minutes per session, but the thrills and tales you’ll live are timeless. What’s more, you’re not just solving puzzles; you’re influencing a living, breathing world.

But why stop now? Extend your collection and be the first among your friends to master the rich and compelling world of TIME Stories.

Are you game? You have the chance to not only reshape history but redefine your gaming destiny as well. Don’t let this time-twisting quest slip through your fingers.

Get your expansion today and join the elite ranks of T.I.M.E. agents. Your adventure through time is just a click away.


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