Tiny Epic: Galaxies Blast Off!


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Only 1 left in stock


Embark on an intergalactic journey like never before with Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF! This thrilling board game takes you to the far reaches of the universe, where you’ll compete against other players to colonize the greatest planets. With streamlined gameplay and iconic abilities represented by easy-to-understand icons, learning and teaching the game is a breeze. Roll the Galaxy Dice, take strategic actions, and employ clever tactics to race against your opponents and become the supreme leader of the universe!

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Launch into Space with Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF!

An Out-Of-This-World Board Game Experience: Prepare for a galactic adventure with Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF! This board game, ideal for 2-4 players, takes you on a thrilling journey of space exploration and planet colonization.

Streamlined and Engaging Gameplay

Fast-Paced Action: BLAST OFF! streamlines the beloved Tiny Epic Galaxies. Shuffle the icon-based Planet Deck, set them in orbit, and you’re ready for action. The game’s intuitive icons mean you spend less time reading rules and more time playing.

Strategic and Interactive Turns

Keep Engaged with Unique Mechanics: Each turn revolves around rolling Galaxy Dice and executing strategic actions. Additionally, the off-turn ‘following’ mechanic keeps you engaged, allowing for continuous involvement and strategic planning, even when it’s not your turn.

Race to Conquer Planets

Expand Your Galaxy: Use your actions to create combos and colonize planets. Each planet you conquer adds new abilities to your galaxy, broadening your strategies and enhancing your path to victory. Carefully manage resources and make tactical decisions to gain the most victory points.

Perfect for Families and Friends

Suitable for All Ages: Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF! is great for players aged 9 and up, making it an excellent choice for family game nights or friend gatherings. With a playtime of 30-45 minutes, enjoy multiple rounds in one session.

🔑Key Benefits of BLAST OFF!

  1. Quick Learning Curve: Intuitive gameplay means more play, less rule reading.
  2. Engaging for All Players: The ‘following’ mechanic keeps everyone involved at all times.
  3. Infinite Strategy Possibilities: Create cosmic combos for dynamic gameplay.
  4. High Replay Value: Diverse planets and dice rolls ensure a new experience every time.
  5. Family-Friendly Fun: Ideal for players aged 9+, perfect for family or friend gatherings.

Embark on a Cosmic Adventure

Ready for Galactic Domination? Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF! offers an exhilarating mix of exploration and strategy. Get your copy now and start your journey to become the supreme leader of the universe!


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