Tiny Epic Tactics: Maps Expansion


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Only 1 left in stock


Unleash a world of excitement and strategic possibilities with the Tiny Epic Tactics: Maps Expansion! This incredible add-on is designed to completely transform your gaming sessions by introducing two captivating settings: the Winter Highlands and the Savage Wastelands. With box covers and scrolls that seamlessly convert the Evergreen Woodlands, prepare yourself for a mind-blowing experience like no other. Challenge your tactical prowess as you navigate through different control areas, diverse terrains, and ever-changing strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the Tiny Epic universe, this expansion will revolutionize the way you approach and defend control areas, guaranteeing hours of thrilling gameplay and intense battles. Are you ready to conquer the Winter Highlands and survive the Savage Wastelands? Upgrade your Tiny Epic Tactics adventure now!



Elevate Your Game with Tiny Epic Tactics: Maps Expansion

An Adventure Awaits: Dive into the Tiny Epic Tactics: Maps Expansion for an enhanced gaming experience. This expansion introduces two new settings – the Winter Highlands and the Savage Wastelands, each bringing unique challenges and landscapes.

Discover the Winter Highlands

A Frosty Challenge: In the Winter Highlands, you’ll encounter a realm of ice and strategy. Plan your moves to overcome the frosty terrain and gain the upper hand. This map requires careful positioning and tactical thinking, ensuring a fresh battle every time.

Explore the Savage Wastelands

Survive the Post-Apocalyptic Terrain: The Savage Wastelands present a stark contrast. Here, survival is key in a world filled with ruins, mutants, and scarce resources. Adapt your strategy to these harsh conditions and fight to dominate the wasteland.

Game-Changing Gameplay

Revolutionize Your Strategy: The Maps Expansion does more than change the scenery. It transforms the way you play. Control areas, terrain, and distances all influence your tactics. Each game becomes a unique test of strategy and skill.

Versatile and Compatible

Suitable for All Play Modes: Whether you’re playing solo, cooperatively, or against friends, the Maps Expansion enhances your experience. It’s compatible with all play modes, adding variety and depth to your Tiny Epic Tactics games.

Stylish and Practical Design

Elegant Artwork, Easy Storage: The expansion’s box covers, made from premium cardstock, feature stunning artwork. Not only do they set the scene for each map, but they also flatten for easy storage, preserving your game’s longevity.

🔑Key Benefits of the Maps Expansion

  1. New Worlds to Conquer: The Winter Highlands and Savage Wastelands offer diverse terrains and challenges.
  2. Immersive Experience: The detailed artwork and quality materials add a touch of elegance to your games.
  3. Tactical Diversity: Each map demands unique strategies and tactics.
  4. Play Your Way: Compatible with all play modes, the expansion suits any gaming preference.
  5. Convenient and Durable: The design ensures easy storage and lasting quality.

Transform Your Tiny Epic Tactics

Ready for the Challenge? Step into the Winter Highlands and Savage Wastelands with the Maps Expansion. Adapt, strategize, and emerge victorious in the ever-evolving world of Tiny Epic Tactics. Order now and begin your journey to tactical mastery!


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