Too Many Monkeys


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Only 2 left in stock


Get ready to swing into action and join the hilarious monkey mayhem with the “Too Many Monkeys” card game! This wild and wacky game is perfect for quick thinkers who love a fast-paced challenge. Race against time, outsmart your opponents, and collect as many ice creams of your favorite flavors as you can. But beware! If you’re not quick enough, your score might melt away like ice in the sun!

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Too Many Monkeys: The Wild and Wacky Card Game for Quick Thinkers!

In “Too Many Monkeys,” observation, memory, and quick reflexes are the keys to success. Keep a close eye on other players’ actions, use your memory to remember the cards in play, and act fast to snatch up the most ice creams. But watch out for closed shops and cherries—they can either boost your score with a bonus or throw a monkey wrench into your plans!

With its engaging images of playful monkeys, this card game is not only loads of fun but also educational. It reinforces number sequencing and probability skills in an exciting and entertaining way. The game includes 55 cards and a convenient storage box, making it perfect for travel or game nights with family and friends.

Here are five key benefits that make “Too Many Monkeys” a must-have game:
1. Fast-paced fun: The game keeps you on your toes, ensuring a thrilling and energetic experience.
2. Develops strategic thinking: Observing and reacting quickly to other players’ moves helps sharpen strategic skills.
3. Boosts memory skills: Remembering the cards in play challenges your memory capabilities.
4. Encourages family bonding: Ideal for players aged 6 and up, it brings the whole family together for laughter-filled game nights.
5. High replay value: With each game lasting around 20 minutes, “Too Many Monkeys” guarantees endless hours of entertainment.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring this totally bananas card game to your game collection. Grab “Too Many Monkeys” today and experience the joy of monkey-filled adventures, laughter, and excitement!


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