Trial by Trolley: Vacation Expansion


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Navigate moral dilemmas on vacation-inspired tracks with 200 new cards in this uproarious party game.



Unleash Hilarity with Travel by Trolley: A Globetrotting Expansion!

Dive into the ultimate party game of quick decisions and quirky conundrums with the Travel by Trolley Expansion. You’re in for a ride of moral dilemmas and laugh-out-loud decisions, inspired by vacation destinations worldwide. It’s time to hit the tracks and navigate the world’s wonders and woes with 200 new cards!

Fast-Paced Fun for Everyone: This game keeps everyone on their toes. Ideal for 3 to 13 players, it’s perfect for any gathering.

200 Fresh Cards: Explore innocent and guilty tracks, plus modifiers, all themed around global travel and everyday travel hiccups.

Hilarious Gameplay: Every round is a riot of laughter, as teams persuade the Trolley Driver to spare them from a hilarious doom.

Travel Theme: Inspired by vacation destinations, these new cards bring a world of fun to your game night.

Engage and Decide: Quick, engaging gameplay ensures everyone gets a turn to influence the trolley’s deadly path.

In Travel by Trolley, every player contributes to a tale of tricky tracks. One player, the Trolley Driver, faces a split-second decision at a fork in the tracks. The rest split into teams, using creativity and wit to sway the Driver’s choice. Will you save your team or send the trolley down a path of outrageous outcomes?

With the Travel by Trolley Expansion, we’re bringing the globe to your game table. Drawing on vacation vibes and the universal quirks of travel, these 200 new cards add layers of fun to your game nights. From awe-inspiring destinations to the petty annoyances of travel, this expansion packs every turn with surprises.

🔑Key Benefits

  • Fast, Fun, and Frenetic: Quick rounds mean no dull moments.
  • Inclusive Play: From small groups to a big party, everyone gets in on the action.
  • Globally Inspired: Cards that celebrate and jest at travel around the world.
  • Creative Conundrums: Test your persuasion skills in the most hilarious scenarios.
  • Fresh and Replayable: With 200 new cards, no two games are ever the same.

Prepare for laughter, debates, and the ultimate journey with the Travel by Trolley Expansion. It’s not just a game; it’s your ticket to fun, challenge, and the joy of seeing who can outwit, outlast, and outlaugh. All aboard for a rollicking good time!


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