Trial by Trolley


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Engage in hilarious debates and tough decisions in Trial by Trolley, the ultimate party game of moral dilemmas and strategy.

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Make Tough Choices Fun with Trial by Trolley – The Ultimate Moral Dilemma Party Game!

Introduction to Ethical Dilemmas Prepare for a thrilling journey of moral quandaries with Trial by Trolley. This party game transforms ethical decisions into a source of laughter and lively debates.

The Ultimate Moral Showdown

How to Play

A player becomes the Trolley Operator, facing a dire choice on a runaway trolley’s path. Teams argue to divert the trolley, ensuring their survival over the opponents. It’s a blend of strategy and unpredictability.

The Heat of Debate

Teams use cards to influence the Trolley Operator. The question is, save your track or doom the others? This element adds wit and cunning to each round.

Why You’ll Love It

Laughter and Dilemmas

The game is packed with hilarious scenarios that challenge your morals. It’s all about navigating absurd dilemmas in the most entertaining way possible.

Strategic Engagement

Sharpen your negotiation and strategy. Outwit friends to protect your track, offering endless fun and tactical depth.

Play Again and Again

With various cards and scenarios, no two games are alike. This ensures every round is a new adventure, full of surprises.

Social Fun

Strengthen relationships through debates and decisions. It’s perfect for creating memorable moments with those you enjoy spending time with.

Easy to Pick Up

Simple rules mean everyone can get in on the action quickly. It’s suitable for both seasoned gamers and newcomers.

Dive into Trial by Trolley for a hilarious, strategic, and memorable game night. Are you ready to face the challenge and see where your moral compass leads?


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