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Until Daylight is the ultimate co-operative survival card game that plunges you into the heart of a post-apocalyptic world. Your mission? Survive ten waves of enemies and save at least one survivor. With every action counting, you must find and exchange objects, weapons, and ammunition to protect yourself and your group. Your reflexes, strategic thinking, and ability to work as a team will be tested as you face intense challenges. Each character brings unique advantages and drawbacks, making the game dynamic and engaging. Embrace the “search, fight, survive” mantra and learn from every attempt, as surviving the apocalypse is anything but easy. Quick thinking is crucial as you fend off hordes of enemies within seconds. With three conditions to win the game, including saving survivors and eliminating enemies, collaboration and decision-making become paramount. Until Daylight offers a fun, thrilling, and action-packed experience where every moment counts.

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Survive the Apocalypse and Save Humanity in Until Daylight – The Ultimate Co-operative Survival Card Game!

Step into a world ravaged by chaos and fight for humanity’s survival in Until Daylight, the co-operative survival card game that will test your skills, reflexes, and ability to work as a team. As the waves of enemies relentlessly approach, your goal is clear: survive and save at least one survivor.

Until Daylight delivers an immersive and action-packed experience where every decision and action counts. Throughout the game, you’ll find yourself exchanging objects, weapons, and ammunition with other characters, building traps and barricades, and strategically positioning yourselves to protect your group. Each character you embody brings unique advantages and drawbacks, adding depth and diversity to the gameplay. Prepare for strong and intense moments as you embrace the motto of “search, fight, survive.”

Don’t be discouraged if your first games prove challenging or if your group doesn’t make it. Surviving the apocalypse was never meant to be easy. In fact, it’s through each attempt that you’ll gain valuable insights into the game’s mechanisms and strategic priorities. Until Daylight is a game that rewards perseverance and learning. With each play, you’ll discover new strategies and refine your decision-making to overcome future challenges.

In the heat of battle, time becomes your greatest foe. Some phases will leave you with only seconds to react before the horde descends upon you. Can you keep your cool and make the right choices under pressure? Victory is within reach if you fulfill three conditions: ensure all characters survive the ten rounds, eliminate all revealed enemies, and save at least one survivor. As a co-operative game, Until Daylight invites collaboration, but be prepared for disagreements on the best strategies. In these situations, the player with the most experience points takes on the role of group leader, making critical decisions to guide the team towards success.

🔑Key Benefits

1. Thrilling Survival Experience: Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, battling waves of enemies and making split-second decisions to survive.
2. Unique Character Abilities: Discover the strengths and weaknesses of each character, adding depth and replayability to the game.
3. Strategic Decision-Making: Work as a team to exchange resources, build traps, and make tough choices to ensure the group’s survival.
4. Intense and Fast-Paced Gameplay: Experience adrenaline-pumping moments as you face time constraints and react quickly to enemy attacks.
5. Learn and Improve: Each attempt brings new knowledge and strategic insights, allowing you to refine your approach and overcome future challenges.

With intense and fast-paced gameplay, Until Daylight challenges players to survive ten waves of enemies and save at least one survivor. As a co-operative survival card game, it tests your reflexes, strategic thinking, and ability to work as a team. Every action counts, and time is crucial in this post-apocalyptic world. With unique character abilities and the opportunity to learn and improve with each attempt, Until Daylight offers an immersive and thrilling survival experience. Are you ready to face the challenges and save humanity?


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