Vivid Memories Board Game


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Enter a whimsical realm of memories and imagination with Vivid Memories! Collect fragments, weave connections, and unleash your creativity in this captivating game. Strategically place memory tiles on your brain board, unlock unique abilities, and strive to complete core memories for ultimate victory. With its engaging gameplay and stunning artwork, Vivid Memories is the perfect blend of fun and challenge for players aged 13 and above.



Explore the Enchanting World of Childhood Memories

Dive into ‘Vivid Memories’, a board game that brings the wonder of childhood to life. In this game, ordinary objects transform into magical adventures, and each memory is a step towards victory. This game is perfect for those who love to reminisce and enjoy a touch of nostalgia.

Gameplay: Collecting and Connecting Memories

Craft Your Tapestry of Memories for Victory

In ‘Vivid Memories’, players pick memory fragments from tiles and place them on their boards. This process of selecting and arranging memories is both fun and strategic. The goal is to create connections and earn rewards, making each choice critical. This game challenges your ability to think ahead and strategize for success.

Strategy and Core Memories

Shape Your Path with Strategic Choices

Strategic placement of memory fragments is vital in ‘Vivid Memories’. Completing “core memories” offers ongoing benefits, helping you in your quest for victory. Align your fragments to reflect your aspirations, making every move a meaningful part of your journey.

Social Play and Accessibility

Enjoy with Friends and Family

Designed for 2 to 4 players, ‘Vivid Memories’ is a fantastic way to connect with loved ones. The game’s duration of 30 to 45 minutes makes it engaging yet concise. It’s suitable for ages 13 and up, welcoming both experienced gamers and newcomers.

Artwork and Design

A Visual Feast for the Senses

The game boasts stunning artwork by Andrew Bosley, making each memory fragment a piece of art. The design by Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert ensures an enjoyable and intuitive gameplay experience.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Creative Exploration: Bring your imagination to life as you connect memory fragments.
  2. Fun and Challenge: Experience a delightful balance of enjoyment and strategic gameplay.
  3. Social Connection: Play with friends and family for a shared, memorable experience.
  4. Strategic Play: Make thoughtful decisions to build your path to victory.
  5. Stunning Visuals: Enjoy the beautiful artwork that makes each memory vivid and alive.


Ignite Imagination and Create Connections

‘Vivid Memories’ invites you on a journey of imagination and discovery. Weave your memories into a victory, enjoying every moment of this visually stunning and strategically engaging game. Join the adventure and see where your memories take you!


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