Welcome To: Outbreak Thematic Neighborhood


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Welcome To: Outbreak Thematic Neighborhood is the ultimate zombie-themed board game that lets you unleash your creativity while defending against hordes of the undead. Design a charming 1950s neighborhood, fortify it with anti-zombie barricades, and stock up on ammo to survive the outbreak. With engaging gameplay, unique city plan cards, and intense zombie encounters, this game offers endless thrills for 1 to 100 players. Can you build the most appealing neighborhood and save your community from the zombie apocalypse?



Dive into a Zombie-Infested 1950s Neighborhood

Welcome To: Outbreak Thematic Neighborhood – A Unique Blend of Design and Survival

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Welcome To: Outbreak Thematic Neighborhood. This board game transports players to a 1950s suburbia, now teeming with zombies. Your mission: design a charming neighborhood while fortifying it against a zombie onslaught.

Game Mechanics: Creativity Meets Strategy

Build and Protect Your Dream Neighborhood

Players must balance aesthetic neighborhood design with practical zombie defenses. Crafting a visually appealing community is just as crucial as erecting barricades and stockpiling ammo. This dual objective adds depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Easy-to-Learn and Fast-Paced

Accessible Fun for Everyone

Welcome To: Outbreak is designed for easy learning, making it suitable for all ages and skill levels. The game’s pace is brisk and engaging, offering a fun experience for both serious gamers and casual players alike.

Expansive Player Range and Replayability

From Solo Play to Large Groups

This game’s versatility is remarkable, accommodating anywhere from 1 to 100 players. Its replayability is boosted by thematic neighborhood sheet packs, each adding unique scoring mechanics and strategies.

Artwork and Theme

Experience the 1950s Meets Zombie Apocalypse

Anne Heidsieck’s artwork brings to life a 1950s Americana, now under the shadow of a zombie apocalypse. The game’s mechanics, including bingo-style play and paper-and-pencil elements, enhance the immersive experience.

Key Benefits

  1. Creative Design: Juggle between building a beautiful neighborhood and preparing for zombie defense.
  2. Accessible to All: With simple rules and engaging gameplay, it’s perfect for players of all backgrounds.
  3. Endless Fun: The game’s flexible player count and new packs make every round unique.
  4. Immersive Experience: Stunning artwork and a compelling theme transport players to a different era.
  5. Social Gaming: Ideal for game nights, fostering fun, strategy, and cooperation.


Your Ultimate Test in Design and Survival

Will you succeed in creating a safe haven against the undead, or will the zombies overrun your picturesque neighborhood? Welcome To: Outbreak Thematic Neighborhood combines the joys of creative design with the thrill of survival strategy. Prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience that tests your wit and will!


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