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Take flight with Wingspan Asia, the captivating expansion to the beloved board game. Travel to Asia’s stunning landscapes, encounter over 2,800 bird species, and enjoy a versatile gameplay experience. Whether you’re a bird enthusiast, a strategy lover, or a family seeking delightful bonding moments, Wingspan Asia offers endless fun and surprises. Fly solo or team up with a friend, combine cards for endless possibilities, and immerse yourself in this award-winning adventure. The beauty of Asia’s wildlife awaits – can you build the most remarkable wildlife preserve?



Embark on a Breathtaking Journey with Wingspan Asia

Explore the Diverse Avian World of Asia in This Exciting Expansion

Get ready to elevate your wildlife preserve with “Wingspan Asia,” the latest expansion to the beloved board game “Wingspan.” This third expansion introduces players to the diverse and vibrant bird species of Asia, offering a refreshing addition to the Wingspan series.

Discover the Rich Avifauna of Asia

Encounter Over 2,800 Bird Species in Stunning Detail

“Wingspan Asia” takes you on an exploration of Asia’s varied habitats, home to a plethora of bird species. Each bird card, adorned with beautiful illustrations by Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo and Natalia Rojas, captures the essence of these feathered creatures, adding visual delight to your gaming experience.

Versatile Gameplay Experiences

Enjoy Solo, Duo, or Group Play with New Modes

This expansion is not just a mere addition; it’s a gateway to new playing modes. Enjoy it as a stand-alone game, ideal for solo players or two-player duets. For those who own the base game and other expansions, mix and match the cards for endlessly variable gameplay. The introduction of Flock mode even allows for engaging sessions with 6-7 players, perfect for larger groups.

Suitable for a Wide Audience

Engaging and Accessible for Gamers Aged 10 and Up

With a playtime of 40-70 minutes, “Wingspan Asia” is designed to captivate players aged 10 and above. Its blend of strategic depth and accessibility makes it an excellent choice for both experienced gamers and families seeking enjoyable bonding activities.

Acclaimed by the Gaming Community

Recognized for Its Quality and Immersive Gameplay

“Wingspan Asia” shines with an impressive 8.4 rating on GeekBuddy Analysis. It’s not only a fan favorite but also a nominee for the 2022 Golden Geek Best Board Game Expansion and Best 2-Player Board Game awards, testifying to its outstanding quality and appeal.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Explore Asian Biodiversity: Immerse yourself in the rich birdlife of Asia, enhancing your gaming experience with spectacular artwork.
  2. Flexible Playing Options: Tailor your game sessions with various modes, suitable for solo, duo, or group play.
  3. Family-Friendly Entertainment: Perfect for gamers of all ages, offering an engaging and educational experience.
  4. Award-Winning Gameplay: Join a community of players who celebrate the game’s excellence in design and fun.
  5. Dynamic Game Sessions: Each playthrough offers unique experiences, ensuring lasting replay value.


A Must-Have Expansion for Wingspan Enthusiasts

“Wingspan Asia” is more than just a board game expansion; it’s an invitation to adventure and discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the Wingspan universe, this expansion promises to bring joy, learning, and excitement to your tabletop. Embrace the beauty of Asia’s avian world and create memorable gaming moments with family and friends.


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