Zendo Rules Expansion #1


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Only 1 left in stock


Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of pattern recognition and deduction with Zendo: Rules Expansion #1! Designed for the popular Zendo base game, this expansion introduces ten captivating rule cards, consisting of one Easy, four Medium, and five Difficult levels. With a total of 52 unique rules to discover, Zendo: Rules Expansion #1 will keep you engaged for hours of immersive gameplay.

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Discover New Challenges with Zendo: Rules Expansion #1

Elevate Your Zendo Experience with Intriguing New Puzzles

Dive into the enigmatic world of Zendo with Rules Expansion #1, a thrilling addition that brings new dimensions to the beloved base game. Perfect for fans of abstract strategy, this expansion offers a range of challenges to test your deductive skills and pattern recognition abilities.

Variety of Rule Cards for All Skill Levels

Engage with 52 New and Diverse Challenges

Zendo: Rules Expansion #1 introduces ten unique rule cards, providing a spectrum of difficulty levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these cards offer something for everyone, from simple to complex puzzles.

Endless Fun with Replayable Gameplay

A Fresh Experience in Every Game

The beauty of Zendo: Rules Expansion #1 lies in its replayability. Each session brings a new set of rules and challenges, ensuring that no two games are ever the same. This dynamic aspect keeps the game exciting and engaging for long-term play.

Social and Interactive Gaming Sessions

Enjoy with Friends and Family

Zendo is not just a game; it’s a social experience. Gather your loved ones for a fun and interactive gaming session where everyone can participate in solving puzzles. It’s a great way to engage in friendly competition while sharpening your problem-solving skills.

Stimulate Your Creativity and Strategic Thinking

Expand Your Mind with Mind-Bending Puzzles

This expansion is more than just an addition to a game; it’s a tool for stimulating imagination and strategic thinking. With Zendo: Rules Expansion #1, players can unleash their creativity, exploring endless possibilities and discovering innovative solutions.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Diverse Challenges: Catering to all skill levels with a variety of rule cards.
  2. Endless Replayability: Offering a new experience every time you play.
  3. Social Engagement: Perfect for family and friends, promoting group interaction.
  4. Creative Problem-Solving: Encouraging strategic thinking and imagination.
  5. Accessible Gaming: Suitable for both new and experienced players.


Unleash Your Inner Zen Master with Zendo

Zendo: Rules Expansion #1 is a must-have for anyone who loves puzzles, strategy, and social gaming. Challenge yourself and others, delve into the world of abstract puzzles, and enjoy countless hours of intellectual fun. Are you ready to test your skills and become a master of deduction? Join the Zendo adventure today!


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