Zombicide: Gear Up


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Gear up, grab your weapons, and brace yourself for the zombie apocalypse in Zombicide: Gear Up! This co-operative flip-and-write game takes you to a world overrun by the undead, where survival is your only goal. Choose your survivor, upgrade your arsenal, and face off against hordes of zombies and the menacing Big Boss. With intuitive gameplay, intense action, and strategic decision-making, Zombicide: Gear Up offers an immersive experience like no other. Can you and your fellow survivors outwit the zombie horde and come out alive?

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Get Ready for Zombicide: Gear Up

The Ultimate Cooperative Flip-and-Write Zombie Game

Zombicide: Gear Up transforms the Zombicide universe into an exciting co-operative flip-and-write game. Team up with friends and prepare to fight through waves of zombies, strategically upgrading your weapons and gearing up for the ultimate confrontation with the Big Boss.

Gameplay: Strategy and Survival

Navigate the Zombie Apocalypse with Tactical Skill

Each player in Zombicide: Gear Up becomes a survivor, armed with a unique card that details four weapons, armor, and ammo. The game, offering various difficulty levels, is accessible to players of all skill levels. The turn cards dictate which weapon you activate, challenging you to utilize your arsenal effectively against the zombies.

Tactical Combat and Upgrade System

Fit Your Hits and Upgrade for Better Chances

Your objective is to match your weapon’s hit shape to the zombie outline, avoiding overlapping damage. Each successful hit brings you closer to clearing the streets and boosts your weapons. Managing ammo and armor is crucial, as it can be the difference between survival and defeat.

Escalating Challenges and Team Decisions

Work Together to Conquer Increasing Threats

As the game progresses, zombies swarm in greater numbers. Players must collectively strategize to handle the growing danger. Eliminating zombies lets you upgrade your weapons, enhancing your chances of survival. But remember, the Big Boss awaits as your final hurdle.

Final Showdown: Defeat the Big Boss

Collaborate to Win the Ultimate Battle

Your ultimate challenge is to defeat the Big Boss before the end of the ninth turn in the second round. Victory requires teamwork, strategy, and a bit of luck. Failure to conquer the boss, or if any player falls to the zombies, results in defeat for everyone.

🔑Key Benefits of Zombicide: Gear Up

  1. Cooperative Gameplay: Band together for an exciting team-based survival experience.
  2. Weapon Upgrades: Unlock powerful enhancements to fight more effectively.
  3. Strategic Planning: Every move requires careful thought to maximize efficiency.
  4. Adaptable Difficulty: Tailor the game’s challenge to your preference, from easy to nightmare levels.
  5. Epic Boss Fight: Engage in a climactic battle against the Big Boss, testing your collective strength and strategy.

Conclusion: A Thrilling Addition to Game Nights

Zombicide: Gear Up offers a blend of intense action, strategic gameplay, and cooperative fun. It’s a fantastic choice for both fans of the Zombicide series and newcomers looking for a thrilling game night experience. Are you ready to gear up, collaborate with your team, and survive the zombie apocalypse?


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